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Cybersmarties is designed to help teachers, not add extra work to an already busy schedule. You can use Cybersmarties as much or as little as you wish. When you sign up your school to Cybersmarties, you are ensuring that your students are now in a locked down, fully monitored, child only social network whose sole aim is to stop cyberbullying, educate positive online behaviour and keep children happy. When kids are on Cybersmarties, they are safe, protected and monitored. Help us ensure every child is safe online

Also there are lots of features to help you as a teacher such as:

What Matters

Homework Hub

Educational Blogs

Very useful button. Contains blogs written by teachers for teachers, educational publications, list of speakers under different categories, ongoing advice re bullying and useful links.


School Page

Coding Portal

Notice Board

How to make good choices

HTML Heroes

How to make good choices

So What is Cybersmarties ?

Cybersmarties is the first, safe educational social network for primary school kids and its FREE. Cybersmarties is only for kids, no adults are allowed – each child is authenticated as a real child.

Cybersmarties is fully monitored and is a fully locked down system. No data is kept on any child and kids cannot upload pictures of themselves (They use fun avatars instead). Kids are currently using CyberSmarties which uses behavioural technology combined with education to teach children positive online behaviour, eliminate cyber-bullying and protect their online presence. There have been 0.0018% instances of cyberbullying on Cybersmarties to date – We’re very proud of that.

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