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This course is designed by The Cybersmarties Academy specifically for primary school children, teachers and parents. The Cybersmarties Academy is the Data Learning Centre of, the award winning safe social network for kids who have direct experience in online safety for children since 2015. Cybersmarties was awarded the An Garda Siochána Patent for Safety in December 2019, following over two years of collaboration and are also a UNICEF Global Partner. This is a joint initiative between Cybersmarties and the Garda National Protective Services Bureau to prevent cyberbullying and encourage positive mental health among children. We know about cyberbullying and online safety: we specialise in it and the emotional effects it can have on children. For nearly 5 years we have been keeping children safe on our locked down social network and we have learned a lot about the issues facing children, teachers and parents in cyberworld. This course is designed with practicality at its core. Each person who successfully completes the course will be awarded a  personalised Digital Online Safety Certificate from the Cybersmarties Academy.

One of Cybersmarties Mission Goals is to educate children online. Children on Cybersmarties have access to over 30 different courses for free. The Read Better Program by Dr Danny Brassell is an example of this: Creating positive reading habits for children for lifelong change


Our Courses

For Students

This course is delivered in story form, using fictional characters to address real life scenarios children may face when using the internet and social networks. It is delivered in a way children will understand and relate to as we follow the lives of Tom and Chloe as they navigate their journey with technology and the choices they face along the way.This interactive course can be used as a buffer to mirror situations children may face, different dangers children may encounter, choices they may need to make and the importance of thinking before they act.

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For Teachers

The Internet can be a wonderful place for kids to learn and have fun. It has become a constant companion in the form of desktops, tablets and mobiles and can be likened to the pen and paper of our time. Children are the pioneers of the internet of the future and the habits they learn as a child will form their future use of the internet and their perception of positive or negative behaviour. Teachers play an ever increasing role in this learning process Teachers themselves, did not grow up with technology and therefore have a steep learning curve.

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For Parents

The internet is now part of our lives and is essential to how we live today. However, the internet can also be a dangerous place, especially for kids. Children are the future of the internet and how they use the internet growing up will decide how safe and positive it will be in the future.As parents, it is important that we ensure good online habits for ourselves and create a protected environment for our children to grow and enjoy. With ever-increasing issues around cyberbullying due to online peer pressure to look or behave in a certain way.

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Read Better Program

What good is it teaching students HOW to read if they never WANT to read? We teach children WHY to read. As a parent, you probably have never had to tell your child to watch television… And you’ve probably never had to tell your child to play a video game… So why should you have to tell your child to read? Reading should be so enjoyable that children choose to do it in their free time because they love it. The more excited a child is to read, the more likely they are to read. And the more they read, the better they get. Research shows that the frequency of time spent reading for pleasure is one of the greatest indicators of how well a student performs in reading. And reading is the key to success in all areas. We are proud to partner with CyberSmarties because together we believe that building positive habits in young children is essential.

Partners we are proud of


Cybersmarties is the first company in Ireland to be awarded The An Garda Siochána (National Police Force) Patent for Safety. Following over two years of working together, Cybersmarties are working with the Garda National Protective Services Bureau on this initiative to combat the dangers of cyberbullying in a practical manner and promote positive mental health among Irish primary school children.

UNICEF/Global Partnership To End Violence Against Children

We are proud to announce we are officially a member of the UNICEF/ Global Partnership to End Violence against Children! Every year, 1+ billion children suffer violence in diverse forms: physical, psychological, sexual, and cyber-bullying. Children with hopes, dreams, and the potential to change the world. Cybersmarties are committed to contributing to the partnership in our capacity to protect children online and provide a safe haven for children to communicate together, learn and most importantly just be children.

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